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Screenit for seamless hiring

Move forward with your organizational goals. Hire the best talent, avail services of accomplished tech interviewers.

Are you a startup or established organization looking to hire the best candidates for your team? Explore new-age online recruitment solutions and save time and effort. Our platform provides access to a global network of expert technical interviewers in diverse domains.


Interview as a Service

Organizations utilize the service of the qualified, registered interviewers. Conducts interviews on Screenit, view the recorded video and the feedback report.

Interview Platform as a Service

Organizations makes use of the platform’s workflow with their internal panels’ compatibility. Conducts interviews on Screenit with the help of their panels, get the recorded video and the feedback report. 24/7 Round the clock client support in troubleshooting


Blend of both Interview as a Service and Interview Platform as a Service. The Organization can conduct interviews and view the recorded video along with the feedback report.


24/7 Customer Support

Round the clock support and troubleshooting, irrespective of the time of the day.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

A person is especially deployed to cater to the needs of customer organisations by closely working with the personnel responsible for HR decisions.

Support in Organisation Branding

Development of hiring and recruitment strategies that place an emphasis on the employee related ethics and principles of the brand.

Support for Interview Scheduling and Re-Scheduling

Systems that assist the organisations with scheduling interviews, sharing feedback amongst stakeholders and re-scheduling interviews.

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